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  • Rust resistant
  • Scratch resistant
  • No pores or scratches to allow bacteria to grow
  • Wipes clean (graffiti can be easily removed)
  • Will not scorch, burn or discolour in high temperatures
  • Available in an infinite variety of colours
  • Applied to 403 Stainless Steel back plate it has high corrosion resistance
  • Our Service:
    At Melbourne Enamelling we pride ourselves in our ability to work closely with all Customers and Contractors.
    We focus on listening to understand what is required. With our experience and resources, we work hard towards producing the best quality Enamel Signage on time and on budget.
    We have over 40 years with the application of Viterous enamel. Contact us now.

    Civil, Government, Safety, Tourist Signage

    The purpose and use of Vitreous Enamel signage is well known and wide spread. Vitreous enamel signs are used to provide the long lasting information signage for many different Government Departments and Tourist organizations. The benefits of Vitreous Enamel compared to other coatings such as Powdercoating, Plastic Panels, Painted and Vinyl surfaces, is its durability, resistance to graffiti, abrasions and will not fade in sunlight. Signage can be done in multiple colours.

    To the Civil, Government and Tourist industry we have 40 years of experience and the production equipment to handle any work load. Call us when you're in the planning stage of new signs so we can help setup the work flow.

    Why choose Vitreous Enamel panels:
    1. Resistance to high temperatures, resistance to thermal shock
    2. Immune to corrosion and the hard surface is resistant to scratches and abrasions
    3. A large range of colours
    4. Does not pollute the environment and is recyclable
    5. Its working life is practically unlimited, it requires no special maintenance and is extremely easy to clean
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